WEBYPAA is the first ever virtual YPAA conference hosted by the ICYPAA bid committees. WEBYPAA 1 was co hosted by the 5th Dimension Young Peoples Meeting and the 62nd ICYPAA Host committee. The first annual WEBYPAA was hosted 4/17/20-4/19/20.

WEBYPAA was organized by several ICYPAA bid committees to provide an annual celebration for people from all over the world and also provide access to a conference to those who may lack access to one. The conference practices all 36 principles in the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts and has a primary purpose to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the still suffering alcoholic.

WEBYPAA provides a place for the ICYPAA bids to unite under one committee to carry the message and contribute to the current ICYPAA host committee. The idea of WEBYPAA came out of a Virtual Alcathon held at the end of 2019 which several ICYPAA bids helped put on. The idea was to create a full YPAA conference experience virtually, something which had never been done before. This would provide access to a conference which some people might not be able to experience if WEBYPAA did not exist. The conference was originally planned for 2021, but due to current events it was fast tracked to take place in April 2020.

While our literature has preserved the integrity of the A.A message, sweeping changes in society as a whole are reflected in new customs and practices within the Fellowship. Taking advantage of technological advances, for example, A.A. members with computers can participate in meetings online, sharing with fellow alcoholics across the country or around the world. In any meeting, anywhere, A.A.’s share experience, strength, and hope with each other, in order to stay sober and help other alcoholics. Modem-to-modem or face-to-face, A.A.’s speak the language of the heart in all its power and simplicity.

Alcoholics Anonymous Forward To The 4th Edition XXIV

May God Bless You And Keep You Until Then